Thank you for showing your interest in booking with Little Bunny Photography.

By booking and paying the deposit you agree to the following terms and conditions (please ensure you read the terms and conditions prior booking your session):

A deposit is required at the time of booking in order to reserve the photo session.  Remained payment by the Client is due before or on the day of your photo shoot. Payment may be paid by cash or bank transfer.  Session dates and times are not secured until a deposit has been paid. 

If the Client upgrades the Photo Package, the price difference needs to be paid before editing the final photos. 

If for any reason Little Bunny Photography has to cancel your photo shoot you will receive a full refund of your deposit. 

The Client is guaranteed to a photo shoot up to 5 family members at one or two locations (depends on the package) with the distance up to 5 miles from South Woodford, East London. Any additions, such as more time, people or travel can be negotiated and may incur a fee. The session fees include the shoot itself, time editing and preparing the selected images for viewing, unless the client purchases one of Little Bunny Photography packages. There are three packages to choose from depending on the number of Digital Files. The packages include free complementary prints to be selected from chosen digital files and collected from my home studio.

If your child becomes upset or does not want their photo taken (very unusual situation) Little Bunny Photography cannot be held responsible and your money will not be refunded.

Any Client that is late arriving to a session will have the amount of time late deducted from the time allowed for the session. This may also result in a reduction of the number of edited images.

Proofs will be completed within four weeks of the session date and downloaded to a password protected gallery for viewing. For security purposes, proofs on the online gallery are watermarked that cannot be removed under any circumstances.  Proofs are for choosing a pose/expression/composition only. The Client shall not save/screen grab the images as it is a breach of copyright. The gallery is visible for a week. There is a charge of £20 per next activation for the additional day due to extra proofing gallery subscription fees. 

Number images selected for viewing: 5-50 images, depending on the size of the family and commission.
All images are professionally edited (including removing minor blemishes such as scratches and bruises). For extensive retouching there is an additional fee of £20 per image and include, but are not limited to: removing unwanted facial hair, adding hair to balding head, fixing nail polish, changing hair colour, removing grey hair, changing shape of your nose/body, ironing the clothes/ bedding, removing stains from the clothes, head swap etc. It is recommended that the client take scare of all preparation before the shoot if they do not wish to have
above distractions visible in the final photos.

The final edit of selected photos takes up to 2 weeks. To receive free complementary prints included in the package, the Client needs to select them within 2 weeks from receiving the Digital Photos.The complementary prints are delivered within 3 weeks from receiving the Digital Photos.

 Digital files are delivered via web download for packages and on a USB for event photography. The photos are delivered after the full payment is made. There are two folders: high resolution images without watermarks suitable for printing and low resolution files with watermarks ideal for sharing and social media.

The Client is obtaining prints/digital files for personal use only or to give to family and friends, and shall not sell said prints/digital files or authorise any reproductions thereof by parties other than the Little Bunny Photography. No permission given to enter the pictures into any competitions or publications.
Little Bunny Photography will store all images for three months. However the purchase of the original files releases Little Bunny Photography from any liability due to loss or damage of the images, and also from any obligation to maintain copies of any digital file. The Client is responsible for checking the content of an USB after receiving it and is possible to make a claim of any failure up to 3 months from receive it.  The client is responsible for creating back-ups of the digital content (delivered by download or on a USB). 

Little Bunny Photography cannot be held responsible for poor quality prints from printing shops or online printers. We are happy to provide you with prints printed by professional labs.

The entire copyright is retained by Little Bunny Photography at all times throughout the world. Editing or altering of the images in terms of style, colour, additions, subtractions, cropping or any other form of post-production or enhancement is not permitted. Copying or saving images from proofing gallery is not permitted.

The Client hereby allows Little Bunny Photography to display any images covered by booking the session and to generally promote the business by means of advertising, websites, exhibitions, competitions, magazine articles, publicity material, and other such media providing that the images are used lawfully and without damage to the Clients. 

Where extra expenses or time are incurred by Little Bunny Photography as a result of alterations to the original brief by the Client, or otherwise at their request, the Client shall give approval to and be liable to pay such extra expenses or fees at the photographer's normal rate to the Photographer in addition to the expenses shown overleaf as having been agreed or estimated.

No return, exchange or refund is available on any item once the image proof has been approved, and an order placed.
Incorrectly supplied items and items of poor quality can be returned and will be replaced at no extra charge to the Client. Returns will not be considered for incorrectly ordered items or items ordered in error.

A booking is considered firm as from the date of confirmation and accordingly Little Bunny Photography will, at its discretion, charge a fee for cancellation or postponement.

Little Bunny Photography will keep confidential and will not disclose to any third parties or make use of material or information communicated in confidence for the purposes of the photography, save as may be reasonably necessary to enable Little Bunny Photography to carry out its obligations in relation to the commission.

This agreement shall be governed by the laws of England & Wales.

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